My Baby’s Favorite YL Essential Oils

by We Stopped Popping Pills on October 7, 2012

My Baby’s Favorite YL Essential Oils 

By Dana Ripepe


Since my son was born, I never had to give him any antibiotics or medication.  I am thankful everyday that Young Living has essential oils that are safe to use on my baby for any skin issue, cold, stomach issues, etc.  It gives me a great feeling to know that I am able to provide my son with all natural essential oils and not chemicals.

Here is a list of Young Living Essential Oils that I used often on my baby during his first year of life:

  • Peace & Calming Essential Oil – Every night before bed, I rubbed 2 drops of Peace & Calming diluted with V-6 vegetable oil on my son’s chest and feet and then had him inhale the oil from my hand.  When he turned 3 months old, I stopped diluting and applied the oil neat.


  • Gentle Baby Essential Oil – I used Gentle Baby before bed with Peace & Calming.    I also used Gentle Baby whenever he was colicky by applying 1 drop on his feet and stomach.


  • Thieves Essential Oil – Every day I put a drop of Thieves on the bottom of his feet to help prevent any sickness.


  • Myrtle & R.C. Essential Oils – At the first sight of a runny nose, I applied these two oils diluted with V-6 vegetable oil on his chest and bottom of the feet three times a day.  By the second day, the runny nose was gone.


  • Rose Ointment – I used Rose Ointment for any diaper rash and cradle cap.  The results were amazing.


  • Clove Essential Oil – I used Clove for teething.  I diluted 1 drop of Clove with 5 drops of V-6 vegetable oil and then rubbed it on his gums.  It helped to numb the teething area.


  • Di-Gize Essential Oil – For the relief of constipation, I rubbed 1 drop of Di-Gize with V-6 vegetable oil onto his stomach and bottom of his feet.



For additional videos on how I used Young Living Essential Oils on my baby, click on our You Tube link.

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      Dana Ripepe & Chelsa Bruno





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carol October 22, 2012 at 6:26 am

i like your videos I would like to use YL but they are so expensive please advise how to get started Thank You


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